Sunday, June 7, 2009

Change of Plans...

I thought I would be showing you great pics of dinner at Clemsongirl's house last night but instead I am telling you about the surprise birthday party she threw for me!

Last night I arrived at her house and when I walked in people jumped out of everywhere to wish me Happy Birthday! Turns out Titan Boy is a rock star and called Clemsongirl and asked her to help him surprise me for my birthday (which is next week!) They got me, I had NO IDEA AT ALL what they were up to!

It was loads of fun and I am still trying to recover from the event. (Read drank too much tequila here)

Tomorrow I will post pics so you can see how much fun we had!

Titan Boy...thank you so much for doing this for me! You have no idea how much it means to me that you went to such length to surprise me! I know I am not easy to pull one over on but you got me! I love you!

Tahoe Girl


Jillian, Inc said...

Wow! How fun. Glad you had a good time and happy (early) birthday!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I was thrilled to have your party, we all love you.

And in the end, it was all good!

flip flops and pearls said...

Oh wow, how exciting!!!!

Happy Early Birthday and can't wait to see pics=)

Elizabeth said...

Love it! How fun! :)