Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There are colors in my closet!

The pressure behind my "first" post has kept me staring at this screen for days! Oh, well...I'm jumpin in with both feet! (this is something you will learn is very normal for me only the water is normally feet over my head!)

As many enjoyed the Holiday with boats, lakes and BBQ's I, as usual, went to work. We were closed but tomorrow is a HUGE deadline for the wholesale division so I had tons I needed to do. But my entire day was not spent working, oh no, my visa bill is proof how I spent my afternoon!

After I did some exchanges for the little tahoes I ran into to LOFT for the "number" in the window! You know the one, the madras skirt with the matching tee! Well that was all it took to get me started on the "Hunt for anything plaid!" Needless to say I was successful and now have a closet of the cutest skirts and shorts. Titan Boy mentioned as I was putting it all away,"Wow, that's alot of plaid." I hope he realizes I am not going to wear it all together. That would be something out of the 80's.

I will post pics of the newest additions once I monogram the tees to match! I am such a jeans and t-shirt girl that this is the perfect summer wardrobe for me! Before today my entire closet was black, white, khaki and denim! Oh, but not know! There is color everywhere and I found a great website that sells the fabrics so I can have even more made! This is gonna get expensive! Now, on to find matching flops!

Tahoe Girl

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The Lawyer's Wife said...

Um hello ... need some more shorts, you need to share sources!!