Friday, May 30, 2008

Pet Peeves...

I only have a few pet peeves...
1. People who don't take the time to learn other people names or how to pronounce them correctly. You know what I mean, your name is Jennifer and people call you Jenny even though you introduced yourself as Jennifer. WTH?
2. Badly parked cars. Why can't you park your little VW straight so I can park next to you and get me and the mini tahoes out? IF I can park my Big Ol SUV between the lines you should be able to!
and the reason I am blogging this today..
3. People who copy other people! OHHHHH! This is on the top of my list today! I know that there are no original ideas left but seriously do you have to be SOOOO obvious about it?

Ok, you want the story to go with above?
When I started my wholesale division last year Titan Boy and I sat out in the driveway trying to come up with a name for one of the lines. Anyway, we thought we had come up with the perfect thing but it turns out if was trademarked to someone else. Oops! So we changed everything after the person who owns the trademark pointed it out to us. No big deal right? Well, I run into her today at this show and tell her again how sorry I was and that we had changed everything, etc. etc. While we are talking I do a quick peek around her booth and low and behold...there are some of MY PRODUCTS! She totally stole my idea! She cannot even begin to say it's hers as she contacted me last summer about the name of this product! I am soo mad I could just scream! But the good ol' southern girl in me just smiles while I am thinking "you F***ing B***H!" They say being mimicked with the highest form of flattery but right now I don't care STOP COPYING ME!

I will add more pet peeves as I get over this one....

What are your pet peeves?
Tahoe Girl


The Lawyer's Wife said...

OMG ... I know you were pissed. I hope you called her out on it since she so lovingly did the same to you.

Miss you ... when are you coming home?

The Lawyer's Wife said...

BTW ... tag me on my blog so we can get you some readers ... call me I will tell you how.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Love the new blog look ... what great colors ... responded to your tag.

Hope you like it.