Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes, out of nowhere, comes an event that puts everything into perspective. This is that week for me.

This morning a childhood friend called to let me know her brother had passed away. My heart breaks for her as I think of all the fun we all had as children. He was a unique and charismatic character and will truly be missed.

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to witness joy in families where stress normally resides. For four days they will be nothing but pampered and I get to help send them off on their journey.

Recently I have learned of friends with illnesses and family struggles. Nothing seems to be easy for anyone these days.

All of this leaves me wondering how my perspective will change after all of these events. I am blessed with a happy, healthy family and love in all directions. I have been through hell and back in my 36 years on this earth and am looking forward to many more years but will I continue to head in the same direction or will my path change? These are questions I cannot answer but I look forward to the journey that does answer them.

I hope your day is full of sunshine, even though sometimes it hides behind the clouds.
Tahoe Girl

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Sunshine and Snoopy said...

Whatever life throws at you in the future, you will handle it beautifully. It is so cool that you are helping people, but I am not surprized. You sure have helped our family a ton. LOVE YOU!