Thursday, October 28, 2010

That reminded me...

Last night when going to bed, Mini #3 was discussing Transformers with Titan Boy. He kept talking about "Octopus Crime" and Titan Boy was laughing hysterically. Being that I have never seen Transformers didn't realize what was so funny.

Turns out the characters name is "Optimus Prime" and Mini #3 SWEARS it's "Octopus Crime" cause he's a bad guy....but this story reminded me of something hysterical Mini#1 said to me last year.

One day while in the car (probably on the way to baseball cause that is about the only place I seem to go these days) Mini #1 started a conversation with me....

Mini #1: Hey Mom, we are studying Mama Holly at school and I think it they are so cool!

TG: Um, who?

Mini #1: MAMA HOLLY!

TG: Mini, I have no idea who you are talking about but you can sure tell me all about them.

Mini #1: What do you mean you have never heard of Mama Holly, you know "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee?"

TG: (Tyring not to wreck the car from laughing) You mean MUHAMMAD ALI? The boxer?

Mini #1: Yes, Mama Holly! Wait, what's his name again?

At this point I can do nothing but laugh, because he really thought his name was Mama Holly.

They may make me crazy but atleast they make me laugh!
Tahoe Girl

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I love kids, that was cute!