Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Epic Fail...

We are on vacation this week, sunning ourselves on the Gulf Coast in Florida! So far we have played on the beach, swam in the pool, danced with the dolphins and of course, burnt ourselves to a crisp.

As a mother there is one thing that really makes you feel like a failure. Sunburned Kids! I swear I have slathered and sprayed and completely covered them from head to toe in the thick white veil of sunscreen. Doesn't matter cause the sun finds the one spot I seem to miss or the sunscreen seems to wear off ten minutes into playing in the sand.

Sassy Tahoe looks like she got into a bar fight cause her right eye is sunburnt and Mini#1 has a ring around his belly were his pants rode down. They complain about how bad it hurts and it makes me fell HORRIBLE! I feel I have failed as a mom. Sunburn is preventable and I cannot seem to prevent it this year.

Guess its good we only have one more day or it might look like I am taking home red alligators instead of children.

Tahoe Girl

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