Monday, April 12, 2010

Adventures with Wildlife..

Last night as Titan Boy and I were closing up to head to bed we noticed a VERY LARGE furry critter in our garage! We have a couple of stray cats that eat in our garage but this WAS NOT a cat! It was a HUGE RACCOON! And it was not scared of us or anything we did to try and "shoo" it away! It just stood there looking at us.

This reminded me of an encounter Titan Boy had with another HUGE RACCOON a few years ago...

Same type situation, late at night, HUGE RACCOON in the garage...Titan Boy went out to feed the cats (the strays have been here awhile) and noticed our friend "Rocky" eating the cat and dog food right out of the bag. He tried "shooing" it away but nothing seemed to run it off. Then Titan Boy got a great idea! We had some leftover "snap pops" from a birthday know those little white things that "pop" when you throw them on the ground? SO he grabbed a box and decided to throw them at the raccoon.

The raccon just sat there, staring at him...then the funniest thing happened! As Titan Boy is throwing them at him the raccoon starts "batting" them back at Titan Boy!!!! After half the box, Titan Boy gives up and lets "Rocky" eat us out of house and home! I am sure he went and got all his raccoon friends and they ended up eating all the pet food in the garage, laughing at us the whole time!

I know by feeding the cats in the garage this is not that suprising ( random wildlife) but YUCK! I hate rodents of any kind and I consider a raccoon a rodent! I had the "heeveejeevees" all night thinking about that furry critter!!

Remind me later to tell you about Titan Boy and the "dead" bunny, that one is the best!

Wildlife loves me!
Tahoe Girl

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