Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sending Out An S.O.S....

While the cutest thing on the planet, Sassy Tahoe is an untidy packrat!

While the minis and Titan Boy are gone today I am reorganizing her room. Trust me this is a HUGE JOB!

This is where I need your help...
Sassy Tahoe LOVES ART! All types of art (wonder where she gets the creative streak from?)

Anyway, I am at a loss for organizing all her supplies. There are crayons and markers etc etc etc ALL OVER THE HOUSE! This is beginning to drive me crazy!

Please send me your best organizing ideas for this type of stuff.

My budget isn't big enough to raid the Container Store so I am hoping all my blog friends can help!

I'm desperate and drowning in all this stuff!

Tahoe Girl

PS Mini#1's room is next and his downfall is video games so if you have those ideas I will take them!


Kristen said...

I LOVE organizing and the dorm decor section at target has some cute bins for $2.99 (I think) or $2.50. I bought a bunch of them for my craft supplies and I love how it looks! I am also wanting to make tags for each of the bins, just haven't gotten there yet :)

debra said...

I have my daughter's crayons and markers in little colorful buckets with handles. I have found them in the past at the $1 section @ Target and at Walmart. I keep them on her table but I have also seen people hang them from hooks.

It is a full time job keeeping my little one's crafts organized so I understand.

My husband feels the need to have a playstation, Wii and Xbox so I also have the game dilemma. We have an entertainment center with drawers and I have designated one drawer for each type of game. So far so good. You might also think about colorful boxes (kind of like the ones you can buy to put photos in) - just check the sizes to make sure the games fit. I have found nice ones for reasonable prices at Marshalls and Ross.

Good luck!!