Monday, August 10, 2009


Why is that anytime you are around a police man or woman you automatically start thinking about all the stuff you have ever done that could get you in trouble? And you are positive they know each and every detail? Or if they are behind you in traffic you start checking to make sure there is nothing "fishy" in the car that could get you in trouble, even though that has not been a possibility since the early nineties?

Or, if your standing in line at the gas station with three mini's in tow next to the cutest cop since Police Acedemy 1, you are praying they don't do or say anything incriminating...or that the oldest one accuses you of trying to starve him to death because you wont buy him the big bag of cheetos and a mountain dew?

Oh yeah, he watched me load them all into the car and buckle each and every seat belt. I am surprised he didnt double check that they had brushed their teeth this morning!

Thanks Mini #1, I will get you back in the not so distant future when you bring a girl home...I see baby picture wallpaper being ordered RIGHT! NOW!

Tahoe Girl

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Kristen said...

awww!! I remember when time when I was around 3 and they were doing seat belt checks and the cop made sure we were all buckled. Good thing you didn't let them buckle themselves in either :) I think cops just like to make people nervous!