Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok, as I sit here and eat my Wendy's bacon cheeseburger I am surfing the net for fun and cute things! And I have finally had it! This is gonna get long winded here but I gotta vent!

On almost every website for monogramming (including Etsy and Ebay) there are embroidered items that feature College names or logos and Sorority/Fraternity letters. Did you people know this is illegal if you are not licensed by those organizations? Did you know that you are hurting those of us who actually went thru the painstaking process to get licensed and paid all the fees? Did you know you are hurting the organizations them selves by creating merchandise that they ahve no control or input in? Each organization has rules about what you can and cannot sell, embroider, etc. They protect their images with everything they have and if it was ok for everyone to just do whatever they pleased who knows what would happen!

I hope you realize that IF (should be WHEN) you get caught the fines are astronimcal! For major universities it can be thousands of dollars. It also is my responsibilty as a licensed vendor to turn you in! Yep, I am supposed to, according to my contract, to turn you in. Do you realize that if I started doing that I would spend ALL my time doing that. That is how many illegal vendors there are out there!

So to end my RANT, please do two things for me....don't buy from unlicensed vendors! Make sure they have the appropriate logo showing their accredidation to that organization and if you are an illegal vendor...STOP MAKING THESE PRODUCTS OR GET LICENSED! Saying "I didn't know I had to be licensed" does not excuse you from the penalties when they catch you. Oh and they audit your books worse than the IRS. They will get all their money from you!

Feeling alittle better!
Tahoe Girl


Paper Girl said...

yikes....should I bring you a frosty to help that cheeseburger go down???? jk....hahahaha

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Holy crap.

Someone better look out.

Tahoe Girl is staging a cage fight.

My money is on her.

:) CG

Mrs. Newlywed said...

There is a list on the Sigma Kappa Sisters section of the website of registered vendors. I always try to stick to the list, because I'm not good at breaking rules. I didn't realize the process was so paperwork intensive though.

You would totally win a cage fight. I'm with CG on that one.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Isn't it a pain when you follow the rules & other people just do whatever they want!

Rhonda said...

Good for SHOULD have vented! Has to bug you so bad...Why can't people just be honest? Never pays to be deceptive, or only tell partial-truths.

Jessi said...

I know, its crazy isn't it. As a former sorority advisor, we ALWAYS had to remind the girls to use registered vendors for stuff. Way to go for getting registered!

debra said...

You go girl!! The cheaters will get their due. I am a firm believer in 'what goes around, comes around'. It may not happen overnight but it eventually catches up to them.

And thanks for letting us know to look for the logos when we're shopping.