Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cake Walk...

So after a very long day, Titan Boy comes home and says...

"If you start making three times what you make now, I will stay home with the kids full time. It will be a cake walk compared to the way it is know, working full time, taking care of the kids and the house. It would be so much easier!"

Would you like to know what I did today that he thinks would be "so much easier"???

It all starts at 8:30am... leave house to go by #1's school to drop something off, while there he comes into the office needing something for his raging poison ivy, leave school with him in tow...head to #3's school to drop him off but have to drop stuff at a friends on the way, she hooks me up with benadryl for poison ivy boy and we head to preschool, drop #3 at school (late of course) and head to drop #1 at my mom's so I can try and get a little work done, after calling her 5 times I wake her up (we also rang the doorbell like 30 times and it was 9:35ish) drop #1 and run to work, pull into parking lot at work and Titan Boy calls me to tell me #2's school called and she doesn't feel good and is laying down til I get there, head to her school pick her up, realize #3's school is across the street and by the time I pick up #1 from my mom and head home with two sick kids it will be time to pick him, so i swing back thru his school and pick him up an hour after i drop him off, run back to my moms and determine in route that poison ivy is serious when its close to your eye so call the pediatrician, they can see us in 20 mins, throw all 3 kids in the car and head to the dr, see dr, get meds, head to pharmacy, head to a drive thru, finally go home...its only 12:10pm

But that is soo much easier! Sounds like a cake walk to me!

Thank the lord that the nanny comes back tomorrow so I can get some work done! What was I thinking cutting her back to three days a week? Oh yeah, it's much cheaper, but how much is my sanity worth?

Still working well after midnight!
Tahoe Girl


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Your sanity is worth a nanny 5 days a week! Mine got sick & my new one only works 2 days. I'm taking Wellbutrin now, thank you very much.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Sounds more like a walk down the Green Mile.

I'm just saying.

Titan Boy said...

Yep! Titan Boy here. Yeah, I should probably be working but because it it so nice outside and I can't enjoy it, I am going to screw off.

Yes, I said it. Life would be a "Cake Walk" if I was a stay at home Dad! Lets start with what I said. "If you start making three times what you make now". My bad - should we discuss what you make now...?

Some days just this one for example. But try to see things like this. "Look how much I accomplished by noon today!!" If I didn't wake you up every morning, you wouldn't know what 12:10 looks like, let alone get so much done by then. Kidding! sort of...

Last comment..still working after midnight?? What does this have to do with work????????????????????

I am not getting any tonight, am I?

Love you,

Titan Boy

debra said...

The husband's always think staying home is a cake walk, don't they? Give them a week, I say, and they'll be ready to go back to work, any work. He does sound smart though based on the last comment he made.:)