Monday, February 16, 2009

The Obstacle Course

As as self proclaimed "super hero", I realized something today...every task a mom has to do is pretty much the same as running a military obstacle course. There is a hurdle at every possible spot and many times you miss something so you have to go back and try again...this theory applied to me trying to get Sassy Tahoe to a birthday party today. Here is a little sample of how this course went for me...

-Chase Sassy Tahoe upstairs to get in the shower...obstacle #1 introduced: the bathroom that is a total disaster cause Littlest Tahoe wanted to play bubbles in there
-After the shower getting Sassy Tahoe dressed...obstacle #2: everything I pick she hates so I have to continue to dig throw laundry piles to find something she is willing to wear
-She is dressed but we still have to brush hair...obstacle #3: all hair brushes have disapeared
-Searching for hairbrush...obstacle #4: Littlest Tahoe crying on the stairs cause he cannot go to the birthday party..PWEEZ MOMMY!!!!
-Hairbrush found, hairbrushed and the race begins for me to get dressed...obstacle #5 Oldest Tahoe now wants to talk to me about what he and his friends did on Friday afternoon. Really now?
-I'm dressed and heading to wrap the present...obstacle #6: wrapping supplies are in 15 different places! Run up and down two sets of stairs three times before I finally settle on a cellophane bag and cute bow!
-Finally headed to the door with Sassy Tahoe, Me dressed in something almost matching, present in hand, on time...obstacle#7 The address of the birthday party? I think I know where it is but have to google it just to be sure...

No wonder I am exhausted. Everyday is like boot camp around here.

I think I am going to contact all those video game makers about making a "supermom" video game, starring me, of course!

Tahoe Girl


Mrs. Newlywed said...

You would make millions off of that game. Of that I am convinced.

This post made me smile...and possibly may have acted as a small dose of birth control. I do not like boot camp-esque workouts

Tickled Pink Talk said...

so true...
yea, I have to agree, millions could be made, but people would never win would they??? :)
Do you mind if I add you to my blog list? Thanks :)