Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a Dumba$$....

So last night my fabulous assistant and I headed downtown to stay at a hotel because we had an early event and thought it would just be easier (read sleep later). So after her small group meeting she swung by to pick me up. We head down to the hotel around 10pm. Excited to hang out an work on the website! We get there (30 minutes later) and I look in the backseat for my bag. It's not there!

I left it on the dining room table! So I call and wake up Titan Boy to ask him to put it outside so I can come back and get it and not wake up the household. He laughs, but does it!

So we get checked in, get our key, and head back to the suburbs for my stuff!

I have lived in Atlanta my entire life, I have been driving these roads for 19 years. I went the wrong way on 285!!!! Yes, the wrong way!! And I did not realize it until I had been going the wrong way for 20 minutes!!! Ugh!!!!!

So needless to say, what should have taken 45 minutes took just under 2 hours!

When we finally got back to the hotel it was all we could do not to pas out on ourselves!

Some days I am just a dumba$$!!!
Tahoe Girl

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Tickled Pink Talk said...

Ugh, that is totally something I would do! How did your event go? I hope it was successful :)