Thursday, November 12, 2009


Most the boxes have been unpacked and the new studio is looking pretty good! You never realize how much stuff you have until it is stacked up in every part of your house!

You know what the weirdest part is? I dont know what to do with myself in this empty house! I have never been alone this much in the house and I walk around lost half the time. The dogs just stare at me...and then when I have things I need to run out and do I dont want to leave! It's hilarious. By the time I get my act together the kids are home again???

I am sure I will figure it out eventually...

The best part??? On Monday I will be launching my NEW MONOGRAMMED GIFT BLOG! Complete with a great giveaway! YEp, FREE STUFF! Just in time for the holidays!

Check back on Monday! It will be worth it!
Tahoe Girl


Mom of One for Now said...

If only I could have some alone time in my house. Enjoy yourself. Looking forward to Monday. :)

debra said...

I have those days when I am home alone, too. My daughter gets home at 2:30 and at about 2:00 I am running around doing things I should have been doing all day. Glad it's not just me. :) But, once you get into a routine and a new normal it will change. Most of my days are productive!